Calling all Coaches and Solopreneurs who want to grow their email list!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • You've already started growing an email list but it seems to be stuck at the same number. Your list has stalled out
  • Your list is growing but a snail would probably win the race with your list growth. Your list is growing too slowly.
  • Maybe your list is getting smaller and you know you've gotta reverse that trend. Your list is shrinking.
  • You're starting to realize your list is full of people who just aren't your ideal client. You need to build a whole new list!
You can change all that.
You just need to add fun to building your list!
The word BINGO being held up on a card
There's more than one way to build a list. Discover which ways work best for you while you gamify the list-building process in a fun way.

Introducing . . .

List-Building Bingo

Have FUN building your email list!

mockup for Listbuilding Bingo 2

Here's How It Works

BINGO infographic

1. Pick a list-building task from one of the Bingo columns

B: Use your BLOG and website pages to get new subscribers to your email list.

I: People want the valuable INFORMATION you have--give it to them in exchange for their email address. 

N: Leverage other people's NETWORKS and use social media to build your list.

G: Appear as a GUEST in multiple ways to gain followers. This strategy has long staying power, too.

O: There's a lot more OTHER ideas that can be used, too!

mockup of bingo card on iphone

2. Score a BINGO by completing all list-building activities in a row, a column, or diagonal through the center

Just like in BINGO games in the church basement, you score a BINGO and win by covering over all the squares in a row, column, or diagonal through the center. Once you hit BINGO, you get to pick a prize from the prize list you set up for yourself ahead of time! 

You can stop there. . .  OR you can keep going for another BINGO or a COVERALL BINGO! Imagine how much your email list will grow when you score a COVERALL BINGO!

3.The winner is . . . 


AND your audience!

You've completed list-building activities and evaluated which ones work best for you! You've scored a BINGO and rewarded yourself for taking action.

And your audience wins too by being in your world to benefit from what you're serving. Your email list grows with people who want to hear from you in their inbox.  WIN-WIN!

What You Get In List Building Bingo

Here's what you'll find inside your virtual List Building Bingo game box!

List Building Bingo Guide Book

The ultimate guide for how to play List-Building Bingo, this guide teaches you how to successfully implement each of the strategies to complete a Bingo square. You'll learn new strategies to grow your list in a fun way. 

Bingo Cards

You can't play bingo without bingo cards! 

Reward Menu

Customize your own Bingo Rewards and celebrate your wins. You'll get a page full of reward ideas to jumpstart your creativity. A blank sheet is included to brainstorm your own reward menu.

You do you! Because YOU know what would motivate YOU.

Just be sure to ACTUALLY celebrate and  reward yourself when you achieve a BINGO!

Email List Growth Tracker

Track your list growth to see which strategies work best for building your list.

And check out these awesome BONUSES!

BONUS--LIVE event!

You don't have to do it alone! Keep connected, accountable, and join a little friendly competition while having an opportunity for weekly Q & A during the month of May!
Bingo prizes, fun, collaboration!

BONUS--Content Upgrade Workbook

Supercharge your list with highly targeted opt-ins. Create content upgrades for your blog posts.

BONUS--Video recording--What to look for in an email service provider

Don't let the decision about which email service provider hold you back. If you don't already have an email service provider set up, this will walk you through what you need to know and the service provider I recommend.

BONUS--Video recording--How to set up an email opt-in box. 

Don't let this step hold you back from collecting names and email addresses.

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In case we haven't met . . 

I'm Melissa Brown,

Chief Everything Officer at

I'm Dr. Melissa Brown, founder and CEO of She's Got Content. The nutshell bio: I worked for 25+ years as a pediatric physician and I have the burn-out badge to prove that working hard is not always smart!

I left clinical medicine with my burn-out badge in 2009, got certified as a life-coach, worked for a few years as a healthy life-style coach, and fell in love with content marketing. My first website, Coach Ready Content, is where you'll find my done-for-you content store.

Let's work smart, not hard, and have some fun at the same time while growing and marketing your business. List-building Bingo is my latest product to bring fun to your email marketing tasks. Can't wait to hear you shout, "BINGO!"

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"Inspired to write a lot of content in a short amount of time and get it out into the world."

"Dr. Melissa has a knack for helping you describe your perfect client and figure out what to write to attract their business.
She inspired me to sit down and write a lot of content in a short amount of time and to get it out into the world."

Dr. Renee Cohn Jones Parenting Coach

"Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed."

"You can trust Dr. Melissa to deliver exceptional content in an interesting way that stands out above the crowd. Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed!"

Gail Seignious Health Coach

"Amp Up Your Content Creation!"

"Even though I’ve been creating online content for years, there was still so much I learned from Dr. Melissa. She has a way of approaching content creation that is fun, interesting, and easy to use. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in amping up their content creation! "