FiNALLY! A System To Create Endless Content Ideas For Your Business

This $147 Group Coaching Package is only available through the Great Big Life and Biz Bundle, November 1-10, 2021

Your Host for this event

Melissa Brown, MD

What you'll discover in this Coaching Intensive:

  • 1
    How to make your content ideas flow once you understand and choose your content  categories.
  • 2
    A system for idea generation to give you hundreds of ideas. 
  • 3
    How to fill up your content calendar so you know exactly what's due to be published and when.

Session Dates

Tuesday, November  30 at 7 pm Eastern


Thursday, December 2

at 2 pm Eastern

Attend BOTH sessions live for the best results. 

This $147 value coaching event is currently only available through the Great Big Life and Biz Bundle November 1-10, 2021

What would it be like if you could . . .

* Never have to look at a blank computer screen (with a blank mind) again?
* Know exactly what topics you're writing about for months to come?

* Consistently create all the content you want for your business? 

All of that IS possible when you attend Never Run Out of Content Ideas Group Coaching Intensive

Join Melissa in the Zoom conference room and let's roll up our sleeves and get your content ideas down, organized, and planned out for at least the first quarter of 2022. 

Inconsistency will be a thing of the past!

Let's get all the best ideas for your content out of your head so you can map out their publication.

You'll never run out of content ideas again.

What Others Have To Say About Melissa's Coaching and Training Events

"Go From Win to Win"

“Melissa has been my coach as I made the transition from being a student to building my own coaching practice. I cannot overstate both her understanding and effectiveness in helping me have confidence and stay focused. The result was a smooth start, going from win to win. Melissa held me accountable for accomplishing the tasks we agreed on in our sessions, and I have been making steady and rewarding progress. Thanks, Melissa!”

S. Bacon

"Feel Relaxed and Secure"

“From my very first coaching session with Melissa, she made me feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge that what we shared was confidential and she set the stage to allow me to share my deepest fears and feelings freely without judgment.

Through sharing my story with Melissa, she enabled me to recognize things that I hadn’t recognized before and then gave me tools to acknowledge and address those issues as they came up. If you are looking to realize, and then break through blocks that are holding you back then I strongly recommend that you work with Melissa. After my 12 weeks of coaching with her, I had become more confident at work and more in touch with my feelings.”

J. John
Mindfulness Teacher

"Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed."

"You can trust Dr. Melissa to deliver exceptional content in an interesting way that stands out above the crowd. Don't hesitate! You will not be disappointed!"

Gail Seignious
Health Coach

Never Run Out of Content Ideas Group Coaching 

This $147 Group Coaching Package is only available through the Great Big Life and Biz Bundle, November 1-10, 2021

WHAT: Live Group Coaching Sessions. There will be lecture + discussion + Q and A.

WHEN: 2 Sessions--Different content for each session. Attend them both.

Session #1: Tuesday, November 30th 7-8 pm Eastern
Session #2: Thursday, December 2nd 2-3 pm Eastern

WHERE: Zoom virtual meeting room. If you can't attend, recordings will be available. For the best results and for A's to your Q's, plan to attend live. 

HOW: Click the button below and enter your information for all the deets!  Then show up for both sessions and watch how your results also show up when you implement this information.

Meet Your Coach and Teacher for this event--
Dr. Melissa Brown

'Ask for what you want' has become my rally cry but it hasn't always been that way! I let my health almost be ruined by lack of boundaries and jumping to help everyone else while putting myself last. This led to my leaving my pediatric practice in 2009 after stress and burn-out affected my health big-time.  

I didn't stay 'retired' long before I discovered there's a whole big world out there I wanted to tap into! 

I now help starting-out and struggling solopreneurs, coaches, healers, and creatives get all their content pieces together in a strategic way. This allows them to attract their dream clients and impact the most people with a clear, focused message, all without stress and overwhelm. I also write done-for-you health, wellness and self-development content that's sold with PLR license at

Here at She's Got Content, it's all about the strategies for creating content to magnify your message -- learning how to create your own stage instead of waiting for someone to invite you onto theirs.

If you want to see positive changes in the world, I positively want to see you succeed! I want to help you connect with people you're meant to help and people meant to help you. I see a vision filled with ripples of connection continuing past this event and extending globally. Come join me and catch my vision, too!

Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

Melissa Brown, MD

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