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Congratulations! You're in!

You're on your way to becoming a podcaster!

Before you head over to check your email for the link to the page with the goodies, watch this short video here for an opportunity to score a bonus free coaching session! Answer a few quick questions while those internet elves get your email sent over. Click the image below to go to the survey.  

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Step 1 - Watch the video and then take the survey

Want to win some cool bonus prizes--like a coaching call to help you move your new podcast along? While you wait for the magic of the internet to get your email into your inbox, watch the quick video above, then take the survey (only a couple of questions) and you could be a prize winner!


Step 2 - Head to the Claim Page to get your goodies. 

In just a few minutes, the internet elves will deliver your first email that contains the link to reach the claim page where all the goodies live. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't receive it within about 10-15 minutes. Choose only the products you want on the claim page. Be sure to download your Notion tracker to keep track of the products you've already claimed and to remember the product/course's URL so you can return. Be sure to put any passwords or user names you'll need to remember into your tracker, too.  


Step 3 - Grab your spot in the Podcast Jumpstart Workshop Challenge August 1-3

We kickoff August 1 for three days roll up your sleeves to give your podcast a jumpstart. Spend the time before then going through the products you've downloaded in the Podcast Kit and Caboodle Giveaway. During our three days together, you'll get some of the early pieces completed for launching your new podcast. Sign up at the bottom of this page to reserve your spot for this 3 day combo workshop challenge. ⤵️


Step 4 - Learn and take action.

These resources do no one any good if they sit unused, collecting digital dust. Open them, consume the wisdom, do the activities that you need to complete to set up your podcast. If you need help with any resources, contact the contributors' support email listed on the claim page. 

Join the Podcast Jumpstart August 1-3, 2023