Does NOT Make Perfect!


*Would you like to teach an online course, livestream series, or webinar online? 
*Are you afraid of making a mistake with the tech and messing up?
*Are you worried you'll embarrass yourself with your inexperience?

*Do you think you have to get it perfect before you can actually DO it? 

woman teaching through computer

Worry No More!

Join this FREE Challenge and Practice Teaching On Camera For 30 Days and See How Much You Improve!

No one is born knowing how to use technology. We all have to learn how to do it. But it's that inexperience and unfamiliarity with doing the thing that holds many people back. . .  afraid of making a mistake, worrying they will mortify themself by messing up and die of embarrassment. 

Well, shake that sh*t off and let's just do it! 

You'll only get better if you decide to do something and then take action. Practice can't make you perfect, but it can make you improve and get better. Let's get better together during the month of July by teaching something on camera every day for 30 days.

Add your name and email address and you'll receive a short email each day for 30 days to encourage and remind you to teach something. After you record your teaching moment, watch your video recording and then try to improve one thing the next day. And no beating yourself up for missing a day--do what you can. That's gonna be way better than doing nothing!

You can record yourself teaching at home to no audience or livestream inside one of your social media accounts or group, or come put your recording in the She's Got Content Facebook Group! We'll all be cheering each other on! It's your choice!

Let's do this together and get better. Bloopers and all!! Start thinking about what you'll be teaching this month!

Did I mention this is a free challenge?

WHAT: Free 30 Day Teach On Camera Challenge

WHEN: Starts July 1st, 2021 and ends July 30th.

WHERE: Your home!

HOW: Click the button below and enter your information for all the deets!

Meet Your Host for this challenge--Dr. Melissa Brown

'Ask for what you want' has become my rally cry but it hasn't always been that way! I let my health almost be ruined by lack of boundaries and jumping to help everyone else while putting myself last. This led to my leaving my pediatric practice in 2009 after stress and burn-out affected my health big-time.  

I didn't stay 'retired' long before I discovered there's a whole big world out there I wanted to tap into! 

I now help women entrepreneurs; (health coaches, healers, creatives, and social entrepreneurs) get their business content in good shape without stress and overthinking.  At She's Got Content, it's all about the strategies for creating content to magnify your message -- learning how to create your own stage instead of waiting for someone to invite you onto theirs.

If you want to see positive changes in the world, I positively want to see you succeed! Let's get better together this July! I want to help you share your message with the people you're meant to help.

Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

Melissa Brown, MD

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