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May 1-3, 2024


You missed out!

In 2024, I believe audio content is the best way to connect with your audience! 

Calling all podcasters and future podcasters! You want to reach a larger audience and make a bigger impact in the world with your message.

 I believe audio content is the best way to connect with those people who are looking for you and reach a global audience!

Congratulations . . . You're the Creative Director in charge of your podcast and that means no one is telling you what to do! There are no rules--you can do whatever you want with your show (and with your audio content) to reach that global audience. 

Sometimes, though, your creative spark plugs can feel worn out. Like you need to breathe some new life into your show and ricochet that into your business. Or maybe you're overwhelmed with where to start in the first place. 

Whether your podcast is nothing but a twinkle in your eye or you've recently celebrated your 300th or more episode, wouldn't you love some new and creative ideas to get those creative juices flowing and attract a larger audience?

A woman with blond hair in a blue top gestures while talking, sitting in a salon chair with rollers in the background.

Well, I've got you covered, friend!

Season Two of the She's Got Content Virtual Summit is your virtual gas tank to fill up on creative ideas for audio content for your business.

Fill up your tank with these creative ideas for audio content for your business:

creative set up 

Understand this one thing before you launch your podcast so you'll less likely have to pivot later. (And it's still ok to pivot at any point if you feel the need.)

creative repurposing

Reach a larger audience through unique, new and innovative ways to repurpose your content. Why work harder when you can work smarter? 😉

Monetize creatively

Learn the big monetizing mistake that most new podcasters make and how to avoid it, plus more than four ways to bring in ca-ching with your podcast.

creative batching

The Queen of Batch Creation spills her secrets! Always be prepared for the unexpected or planned time off when you're ahead with your episode recordings. 

creative connecting

Creative ways to connect your podcast to your business and grow an following, increase your authority and get more long form content out there to your audience.  

creative seo

Don't keep your audio content hidden. Learn how to harness the power of SEO to get found and  reach a larger global audience with your podcast.

And there's lots more, too!!

What was said about Season One of the She's Got Content Virtual Summit!

No Yawnfest!

DeBorah Beatty

Life coach and badass color mystic

"It's been really wonderful. Really different than most of the yawnfests I usually get to sit through. This has been very useful to me. Thank you for doing this."

What sets She's Got Content Virtual Summits apart?

Most summits have way too many speakers. It's overwhelming to listen to all of them. You have good intentions to listen, but then life gets in the way.

This summit has 9 speakers with 3 audio recordings released each day. With your free ticket, you have plenty of time to listen to each one. You'll also have an opportunity to upgrade to get unlimited access to the recordings and bonus material to refer to any time you want to get your creative juices flowing. 

  • Innovative Ideas
  • Facebook Group for questions and community
  • Creative Sparks
  • Opportunity to make a difference in the world through support of non-profit BlinkNow.

Season Two Featured Speakers

Christine Schroeter headshot showing her with long blonde hair smiling for the camera.

Dr. Christiane Schroeter

From Podcast to YouTube; amplify Your Impact 

Andria Singletary headshot

Andria Singletary

Creative Ways to Connect Your Podcast To Your Business


Woman smiling while seated on a white couch in a cozy living room.

Amanda Bennett

The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Your Podcast (Even If Your Just Getting Started)

A smiling woman with curly red-tinted hair, wearing a blue blazer and a purple top paired with a pearl necklace, posing in front of a brick building.

De'Nicea Hilton Harper

 The Authentic Creative Approach For Starting or Pivoting Your Podcast 

Woman smiling while holding a mug, leaning against a wooden door frame.

Haylee Gaffin

Repurposing Content For Your Podcast; Creating New, Impactful Content Consistently

A smiling woman with short hair, wearing a coral top, resting her chin on her hand at a desk surrounded by wooden bookshelves.

Karen Robinson

Mom-Turned-Podcaster's Genius Hack For Recording Episodes In-Between Sessions

Woman sitting with crossed legs on a couch, chin resting on hand, with a laptop and a water bottle nearby, in a casual indoor setting.

Laura Jawad

 From Hidden to Heard;
Leveraging SEO For Audience Growth

Woman with headscarf smiling while holding a notebook and podcasting equipment.

Kenz Soliman

The Huge Impact of Tiny Podcasts

You can also make a huge impact by supporting the fundraiser!

This year 100% of the upgrade proceeds will go to an organization near and dear to my heart:

I served on the BlinkNow Board of Directors for over ten years and I know the impact this organization has made and the ripple effect it continues to produce. Maggie Doyne, the co-founder was 19 years old when she paid to educate just one little girl she found breaking rocks on a river bed. That act of kindness has evolved into an organization that continues to magnify the effect of helping others, not just in rural Nepal, but the ripple effect extends now globally.

Maggie has spread her message worldwide:

Two women smiling at the camera, one wearing a blue scarf, standing in front of a floral arrangement indoors.

Melissa Brown with Maggie Doyne, the co-founder of

Here's what your upgrade ticket will help support:
  • A loving children's home for over 40 children.
  • A new school campus made from the earth and serving over 400 young students. 
  • A program to prepare the student graduates for a bright future. 
  • A Big Sister's Home for the most at-risk female students. 
  • A Women's Center for adult women to learn a skill and support their families. 
  • A health clinic to educate and prevent as well as treat minor conditions.

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  • Creative Sparks galore!
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  • The knowledge that you're definitely making a difference in the world in a blink of an eye when you upgrade to the Creativity Kit!

About Your Host, Melissa Brown, MD

Dr. Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching--initially teaching parents and children how to live a healthy life through her work as a pediatrician.

After retirement from clinical practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker.

Dr. Brown started her first podcast in 2022 and realized what a powerful way it is to reach a global audience. She now helps solopreneurs and coaches make their biggest impact through content marketing and podcast production. She wants you to stop being the world's best-kept secret.

Her mission is to help you;

Get your podcast going and keep your content flowing.


How does the Summit work?

  • Sign up for your free ticket to the summit by clicking any of the pink signup buttons on this page and filling in your name and email address. Each day during the summit, May 1-3, you will have 24 hours to listen to the recordings that are released each day. After you listen, come over to the Facebook Group and answer the questions from the morning email. There will be a wrap up in the Facebook Group each evening along with a Q and A session. There are prizes for engagement so be sure to follow the instructions in the emails you get each morning.
  • The Creativity Kit is an opportunity to have on-going access to all of the recordings, transcripts, study questions, notes, and a follow-up call with me later in the month of May. 100% of the sales from the Creativity Kit will go to a non-profit, to support children and women in Nepal. Once you sign up for your free ticket, you'll have an opportunity to upgrade to the Creativity Kit and support the fundraiser. 

how long do I have access to the recordings?

The free ticket will give you access to the recordings for 24 hours once they're released. For unlimited access to these valuable trainings, plus transcripts, study notes and worksheets plus a bonus call, upgrade to the Creativity Kit and access everything inside my ThriveCart Learn Student Center. 

Where do i listen to the speakers?

Every morning during the Summit, you will receive an email with the URL to listen to that day's speakers. Connect inside the Facebook Group to ask questions, comment, engage in the discussion, and tune in to the Live Streams. The recordings will be available for 24 hours after release for free ticket holders. Upgrade to the Creativity Kit for unlimited access to the recordings plus all the other resources.

Join Us and Get Creative With Your Podcast

Make a bigger impact with your audience through your audio content.

Spark creative ideas and reach more people.  

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