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Information Disclaimer:

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I occasionally make suggestions for products or services on this site and within my emails that have affiliate links. I check out all products before recommending them and many of them I use/have used on a regular basis. If you click the links for these suggested products and services and subsequently purchase, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a thank you commission from the seller.

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Earnings Disclaimer:

Every effort has been taken to accurately represent products on this website as well as their potential. I make no guarantee that you will duplicate the same results or earnings as myself or others using the strategies shared. Your personal earning potential is dependent on many variables including you and your mindset, your skills, your level of experience, aptitude and the time you invest in the study and implementation of information shared.

Refund Policy:

Information products have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Simply request a refund via email and your money will be refunded. Please do not request a refund from PayPal itself.

Coaching services will each have their own terms for refund clearly stated when purchasing. In other words, the refund policy is dependent upon the coaching service program described.

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Last updated October 31, 2022