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Recommended PLR Providers

Kitchenbloggers specializes in creating comprehensive product reviews, kitchen-tested recipes, original food photographs, and cooking articles. They create a wealth of resources so you can teach your readers how to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs. Monthly membership available, too,

If you're a coach, this is the site for you! Planners, complete courses, journals, scripts, webinars, complete funnels and more. Quality products, well written and designed--you simply brand them with your branding kit, add a few personal touches and you're done!

Master PLR offers both health and wellness plus self development quality done-for-you content. The content is written by a husband-wife team from Australia. There's an extensive collection of content covering many topics you won't find elsewhere. Monthly membership options, too.

More Recommended PLR Providers

Piggy Makes Bank has a vast amount of PLR on the topics of business, finance, self improvement, and health and wellness. There are monthly memberships and one time only purchases. Well researched and written, this is quality PLR content. 

Are you looking for spiritual PLR content? Look no further than Cup of Zen for quality creative content. Journals, planners, workbooks, articles, stock photos all with a spiritual and zen vibe. Get a free sample; 'Which Crystals Are Good For Meditation.' 

Pep Talk PLR is your go-to for positive encouragement content in graphic, text, audio, and video formats. You'll find some free PLR sample packages on the home page when you scroll down. The beautiful image above is from Pep Talk PLR!

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