I'm sorry you missed the summit. 

I'd Love For You To Have Lifetime Access To All Season 2 Summit Resources and Support BlinkNow at the Same Time!

Get lifetime access to all trainings plus all these resources! 

  • Audios For Listening On The Go via Private Podcast feed.

  • Full transcripts

  • Dr. Melissa's Personal Notes & Action Worksheets

  • Recordings of all Live Stream Replays (Where All The Best A-ha Moments Get Shared!)

  • Bonus Q&A Training Call live May 16, 2024

Two women smiling at the camera, one wearing a blue scarf, standing in front of a floral arrangement indoors.

Melissa Brown with the co-founder of BlinkNow.org, Maggie Doyne

Here's what your upgrade To The Creativity Kit will help support:
  • A loving children's home for over 40 children.
  • A new school campus made from the earth and serving over 400 young students. 
  • A program to prepare the student graduates for a bright future. 
  • A Big Sister's Home for the most at-risk female students. 
  • A Women's Center for the adult women to learn a skill and support their families. 
  • A health clinic to educate and prevent as well as treat minor conditions.

How Do You Learn Best?

Not everyone processes information the same way. Whether you're a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, we've got you covered here with the different ways to learn this information:

  1. 1
    Visual learners: Read the transcripts. Watch the replays from the livestreams. All the resources are digitally organized in one place inside the ThriveCart Learn student center.  Have it all in one place.
  2. 2
    Auditory learners:  Just want to listen to the material? You got that here, too with your Creativity Kit. Listen while you walk or exercise if that's your preference. And do it on your schedule or repeatedly listen to the audios and keep learning, too.
  3. 3
    Kinesthetic learners: The creativity kit includes transcripts prepared for each of the expert speakers so you can print out, highlight, mark up and take notes if that's how you learn best. You also get study resources so you can journal about or plan your next steps from the speakers' wisdom. These materials will help you stay organized, focused, and interact with the material as you're learning.

You'll Love Having Long Term Access To These Great Experts & Their Trainings!

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Say Yes To the Creativity Kit for the She's Got Content Virtual Summit Season 2  
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