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The Podcast Kit and Caboodle Giveaway doors have closed for the July 2023 bundle.

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You want to start a podcast. But you've hesitated because you just don't know where to start.

       There could be a number of other excuses why your podcast is still just an idea:                                    

  • You feel you can't tame the scary tech monsters.
  • You're worried about running out of ideas to talk about on your show or people to interview.
  • Thinking it will take way too much time or money or both.
  • Imposter syndrome shows up when you think about putting yourself out there.
  • But maybe the biggest excuse about starting your podcast is just taking the first step!             


I've collected the resources to help you get your podcast started NOW! 

It's the whole 'Kit and Caboodle' for beginner (and growing) podcasters.

And it's FREE for a limited time!

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I'm Dr. Melissa Brown, the host of this whole kit and caboodle! I'm a retired pediatrician who burned out on medicine only to discover a hidden passion for writing and content creation. In 2022, I tiptoed into podcasting and then jumped in! I'm now an evangelist for podcasting as one of the best ways to create your very own mini-stage to showcase your expertise--without worrying about make-up, perfect hair days, or even getting out of your PJ's!

I've collaborated with 16 other experts from around the globe who are offering their best resources to help you, too, get started podcasting today!  Now is the perfect time to start your podcast and grow your audience. Click on the Gimme button below to get access to the whole kit and caboodle!

Sneak Peek at What's Inside this year's Podcast kit and caboodle:

  • Pinterest Toolbox
  • The Podcast Repurposing Roadmap
  • Podcasting Day Checklist
  • Unleashing Your Voice: Podcasting for Newbies and Introverts
  • How to create 22 IG Posts in less than 10 minutes!
  • Sol Planner 2023
  • Promote & grow your podcast using Pinterest: Get started in 5 days!
  • The Content Creator Template Bundle
  • PodPro Podcast Planning, Production & Promotion Checklists & More!
  • Easy Podcast Show Notes
  • Affiliate Toolkit
  • Pitch Like a Pro Bundle
  • Lead Generation Unplugged Private Podcast
  • Podcast Manager Toolkit
  • Podcast Launch in a Box
  • Podcasting Shortcuts for the New Podcaster
  • Generate Income with Podcast Sponsorships.

Summer 2023 Contributors

Head shot of Helen Ross

Helen Ross


Headshot of Bree Boucher

Bree Boucher

Headshot of Marie Wattier

Marie Wattier

Headshot Christina Lemmey

Christina Lemmey

Sarah Light headshot

Sarah Light


Head shot of Suzanne Brick

Suzanne Brick

Headshot of Kylie Kellie

Kylie Kelly

Headshot Mackenzie Armstrong

Mackenzie Armstrong

Headshot of Jenny Suneson

Jenny Suneson

head shot of Katerina Atanasov

Katarina G. Atanasov

Headshot of Tina Lopez

Tina Lopez

headshot of Sheila Farragher-Gemma

Sheila Farragher-Gemma

Headshot of Christiane Schroeter

Christiane Schroeter


Head shot of Karen Robinson

Karen L. Robinson

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Andria Singletary

Ann Marie OBraskin

What makes the Podcast Kit and Caboodle Giveaway different:

Most digital product giveaways are overwhelming. With dozens and dozens of products to pick from, you have to spend way too much time deciding what you want. So FOMO takes over and you sign up for everything! Then you're overwhelmed trying to organize, find, or get through what you've signed up for.  😖

This giveaway was purposefully kept manageable and relevant for you. You can use each and every resource that's been collated here for you to get your podcast started or move your podcast along to the next level.

A word of advice--Even though it's designed to be manageable, only sign up for those products that will move the needle for you--it's not necessary to sign up for everything. For those products you do sign up for, schedule time in your calendar to consume them and take action.

Don't let these resources collect digital dust. Because you've got a message to get out there and you know starting a podcast is the best way to amplify that message right now.