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Candace L. Davis: One of my favorite strategies though is to seed, lead and sell. And that is seeding your book with little gifts for your reader. So you might say, come to this URL and download a resource. Now you can't put parts of your book that way. I've seen some people where they don't give you all the content. To get the rest of the content, you've gotta go to the website. I've paid for the book. I want all the content. That's a do not do, but you can lead people to get supplemental material. If you have like a checklist to go with each chapter or every other chapter or a video. Or a little free mini course that they can do. It's a fantastic way to grow your email list and it's a fast, fantastic way to have new people to sell to. And I've even had clients spin off and do physical products from their books.

So they've done everything from, t-shirts. art prints, , mugs, all of those kinds of things. But somebody did something really cool and different. My client who wrote, "More Tequila, Please," produced a card deck to go with that, a line of, affirmation cards. So there's really no limit on what you can create out of your book. They're innumerable ways that you can create more passive income streams, passive or not with your book, but it really does position you in this culture. We see people who write a book as an authority. Author equals authority. You can be a great blogger. Seth Godin's a great blogger, but he still publishes books. There's a reason he does that. James Altucher, fantastic podcaster. I don't know if you've ever listened to Choose Yourself. He's great. , but he still publishes books because you are seen as an authority when you publish a book.