[SGC-33] The Holistic Method to Choose Content Pillars For Client Attraction with Guest, Michele Parad

By Melissa Brown, MD

In this episode, I sit down with holistic business coach, Michele Parad, to discuss the importance of choosing your content pillars and aligning them with your purpose and unique perspective.

We explore the concept of “founder market fit” and dive into the power of tapping into intuition and thinking differently. Don’t miss the insights on conscious marketing, personal branding, and the significance of sharing vulnerable stories in content creation.

Don’t Miss Inside This Episode:

  • Discover the importance of the holistic approach to you and your business. What is the Founder Market fit and how does that apply to your business?
  • What to focus on instead of the pain points for your ideal customer avatar.
  • Learn about the holistic method of creating content pillars in your business. What’s the one thing to focus on before you create any content?
  • Hear how to make yourself truly uncopyable as one of your pillars. You are unique and no one will have all the same stories, experiences, and opinions as you do–use these unique traits of yourself to truly stand out from the crowd.
  • Don’t miss the mic drop moment when Michele shares the one key takeaway that she hopes all listeners walk away with.

Links and products mentioned in today’s episode:

Michele’s What Is Your Brilliance Archetype Quiz and Archetype Embodiment Guide

Michele’s Sell Your Brilliance program

Book recommendation: Gene Keys by Richard Rudd.

About Michele Parad

As a Holistic Business Coach, Michele helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their mission-driven businesses, live their best possible lives, and increase their impact and prosperity through mastery of their S.E.L.L. Method.

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You can find Michele at @michele.parad on IG.

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Melissa Brown, MD – Coach, Author, Speaker, Teacher, and Podcast Host.

After leaving medical practice in 2009, Melissa discovered the online world and never looked back! After coach certification, she began a healthy lifestyle coaching practice online and quickly fell in love with blogging, writing, and content marketing.

Melissa believes that coaches have the power to change the world. Unfortunately, too many coaches get discouraged by the amount of content they need to create for marketing their business and this can lead to overwhelm and giving up on their dreams. There’s such a ripple effect when a dream dies, so Melissa is on a mission to help coaches and solopreneurs overcome the overwhelm when it comes to content creation so they keep those dreams alive.

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Just because you have gone down a specific rabbit hole and spent a lot of time in a specific direction, building a specific persona of what you think you are. It doesn’t mean that you can’t reinvent yourself. And there’s always a day where you can start as a blank slate and create something entirely new and to give yourself the permission to do that and to reflect on that and have some freedom in that as well.

Melissa Brown [00:00:44]:

Hello there, content creators. You’re listening to the She’s Got Content podcast, It’s all about creating content for your coaching business. I’m your host, doctor Melissa Brown, and I’m here every week to help you get your content Out of your head, out of your heart, and out there into the world where that information and your services can impact the most people. Get ready to take notes today, and then take action content creators. Let’s dive in with today’s episode because you’ve got content to get out there. Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the She’s Got Content podcast. Today, my guest on the show is Michele Parad. Early in her career, Michele found she was constantly reinventing herself, searching for her true purpose to best make an impact in this world.

Melissa Brown [00:01:35]:

She discovered her personal gifts, though, lie in unlocking the genius within others and showing them the magic, Mindset, systems, and strategies to make quantum leaps in their business. Today, Michele is a holistic Business coach helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their mission driven businesses to increase their impact and prosperity through mastery of the SEL method. Welcome, Michele.

Michele Parad [00:02:02]:

Thank you so much, Melissa. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Melissa Brown [00:02:06]:

This is very exciting. We’ve got a whole lot of things to talk about here today. You call yourself a holistic business coach. Tell me about that.

Michele Parad [00:02:15]:

Yes. So I really look at people in a 360 degree view. It’s important not to look only at your business, but to look at everything that’s going on in your environment, in your relationships, in how you’re taking care of your body, your mind, your spirit. All of these things are factors that make us successful or not, within our business. And so it’s the same as if you’re going to a general practitioner doctor of summaries. Let me take a look at you from all standpoints as opposed to very narrowly into one specific aspect of your business. So that’s really how I translate it, and I bring in all of my knowledge, and information that I have acquired over the last over 15 years in both realms. Both the business world.

Michele Parad [00:03:18]:

I worked in marketing and business development for most of my career and combine that with the healing modalities that I have. I’ve certified in over 6 different spiritual modalities and went down a interesting rabbit hole and journey of trying to understand what was the beautiful best approaches for myself. And, as a result, work with people in different ways in ways that suit them the best. And I pick and choose depending on what they’re working with.

Melissa Brown [00:03:54]:

To me, it’s very fascinating, the journey that so many people have had where You start in 1 career. I’m gonna put myself in this same category. You start in 1 career. You think this is it. This is what I’m meant to do. And For some reason or another, that just doesn’t sit right. And some people just stick with it, and they’re miserable their whole life. And others start this journey of trying to find, really, what is their purpose.

Melissa Brown [00:04:22]:

Tell us a little more about your journey. You said you Started out in marketing, and then you’ve had this segue into more of health and wellness, But still business related, spiritual

Michele Parad [00:04:35]:

journey? Yeah. Absolutely. I’d say my journey really began earlier than even the start of my career. My very first job was in finance, which you wouldn’t really put me there knowing me now. It definitely allowed me to understand where I was not placed. It got me also to think about Where can I be part of an organization that has more purpose to it? Not that financial institutions don’t have their own purpose and there are lots of varieties of what that is. At first, it got me thinking about, can I work for an organization that has cultural purpose embedded into it? I started exploring down the avenue of working first maybe as a public servant. I did public policy actually as my academic background.

Michele Parad [00:05:30]:

And then I realized, nope. That’s not really the place where I think I would make the most difference. It was intellectually very interesting, but I didn’t see myself climbing the ranks within the system that we have. I decided, okay. I’m gonna go to the private sector and try to tackle public issues through innovation. So I started out working in cleantech, and I was in a marketing type of role within that. I managed to stay at that 1 organization for over 4 or 5 years. It’s just the most I’ve been at one place.

Michele Parad [00:06:10]:

And I had a different role every year, which was very interesting. And that’s actually what kept me there in a way because I oftentimes, once I learned a specific role, I got a little bit bored. And I was like, I don’t think I can do this for my entire career within that organization. I did customer success. I did business development. I did event organization. In. I did research and investment.

Michele Parad [00:06:39]:

And so I really got to explore and understand the different aspects of sales and marketing within an organization. And every time was an evolution and a climb to get to understand what that role really entailed. And I do think that was a lot of the skill set that made me today understand what it’s like to work with entrepreneurs in specifically. But, yeah, the golden thread I would say throughout my life is, like, how can I be of service? How can I have purpose and meaning in what I’m doing? And I kept switching environments to try to find that. It was an instant journey of where do I belong? Where is the place for me? What’s the role for me? And I Often couldn’t really find them within the organizations that I worked in. I learned a tremendous amount, but I always felt very boxed in. It’s like when you’re good at something, they wanna keep you doing

Melissa Brown [00:07:52]:

that. Yes.

Michele Parad [00:07:55]:

And that’s really where I finally took myself or rather the universe pushed me in the direction of working for myself and being entrepreneurial because that’s really where you do get the freedom to say, I have this role today. And then tomorrow, maybe I’m going to expand into something else or I’m gonna develop a new offer for people. I’m gonna go in this other direction. And to me, that was super exciting to be able to self-direct and have the freedom around that. That’s a little bit of the backstory. But during this whole journey, it really got me thinking about how can I design something that is really aligned with my gifts and what my mission is? And I enrolled in a lot of different programs, And I just couldn’t really quite find any coach or program that really took into consideration people’s talents and really honed in on what that is. It was mostly like, if you have a business program, it’s mostly okay. You already have an idea of what you wanna do and here’s a blueprint for how to get to success.

Michele Parad [00:09:10]:

And then I found that 1 person’s blueprint is not another person’s blueprint.

Melissa Brown [00:09:15]:

One size does not fit all.

Michele Parad [00:09:17]:

Exactly. And, while you can certainly learn about all the facets of what’s possible and out there, it’s important to come back to ourselves and say, okay. Is this actually the strategy for me? And those are very intricate, and it also really depends on and I call it a founder market fit. What is it that the market needs from you? And then also matching that with who you are and what you’re good at too. The market might need one thing, but it’s not in your area of expertise, then that’s not what you’re gonna necessarily offer. I think that people go on this truly long journey of many years of discovering, wow, I went down this rabbit hole that was totally not aligned with me. Finally, later, they’re like, wait. Maybe I should just switch my business model to this and suddenly they have a lot of success with that.

Michele Parad [00:10:20]:

I do think that a lot of people that I’ve encountered, They spend years even in their entrepreneurial life deciding I’m gonna be a coach or whatever. I’m gonna provide this one service, and they go down that road without really truly knowing themselves most intimately. And whether or not they actually really enjoy having that whether it’s that one to one service or deeply working in a particular area of what they’re providing. If you’re a marketing service provider, that entails working really deeply behind the scenes and building something. And so if that is not actually what you innately enjoy doing. It’d be difficult to build something successful because you’re, ultimately, you’re grinding. You’re going to be burnt out sooner or later. I’ve designed this archetype quiz, but I also have all these other tools as well to help people align themselves with the role that they’re meant to take.

Michele Parad [00:11:24]:

And this quiz is just one factor you can consider and then start thinking about okay. So I have 12 archetypes. Let’s say that you’re an educator. Right? But built your business more along the lines of a a builder. Like, you’ve created a software product, But, really, your core of what you should be doing is thought leadership and educating people on maybe the software or maybe something else. And so you got it backwards. Right. Ideally, we can understand those things before we go into starting a new business.

Michele Parad [00:12:04]:

That would be the ideal scenario. But I do often help people when they’re trying to pivot. And they’ve gotten to a place where they understand that there’s something not quite right with the way that they’re operating. So these are beautiful tools that we go into to get them to understand what their mission is and on a higher level as well. Because that’s the other problem I see is people are selling themselves short from the perspective of only solving a small problem when they could actually be doing something on a much bigger scale. And it’s because it hasn’t even occurred to them in their brain, they could step into that type of role. I also work with people intuitively. I can be cautious sometimes of telling them like, wow.

Michele Parad [00:13:05]:

I actually see you let’s just say, like, you’re gonna be a TEDx speaker or you’re gonna be like this public figure. And sometimes that scares people because they haven’t yet their subconscious mind hasn’t seen themselves that way yet. But I can see themselves in the highest version of who they are. So it’s also training yourself to think bigger than the box you put yourself in. We can blame organizations for putting us in a box, But then the funny thing is that we continue to do that into our entrepreneurial life. I’m just gonna stay in this, like, safe zone of what I know to provide to people. But what if it was something in a much grander scale than that? It it shouldn’t stop you that you don’t know how to do it quite yet. But starting down the exploration process can really help you to start Googling things and be like, oh, how would you set up whatever it is, and then starting to get the right mentors and the resources to drive you in that direction.

Michele Parad [00:14:16]:

You don’t even have the understanding or the confidence or the foresight to see yourself in this much, much bigger role, then you’re gonna keep yourself in this small hamster wheel that you’re in. So That’s part of the work that I do with people is really expanding their expectation of where they’re going, because we are all able to be these powerful creators, and we really can create anything we desire. So why not go big

Melissa Brown [00:14:56]:

with Why not? Yeah. I see how with that explanation and that whole big picture, I see how You call yourself a holistic business coach. You really are looking at all aspects, including putting that intuitive piece into Your vision and holding space for your clients. Here on the show, we talk a lot about content, about creating content. You and I had talked before the show about talking about content pillars to focus on to attract your clients, and I’m really interested in Your take on how you help your clients come up with these content pillars. Before we dive into your Take on it. Let’s just be sure we’re all on the same page. When you talk about content pillars, what’s your definition for that?

Michele Parad [00:15:47]:

Yeah. That’s a good point. I wanna take this back to my own personal story and experience because when I first started out in the business realm. I actually started out as a healer, and I had absolutely no niche. And so when I was developing content, I think Instagram just became my creative outlet as opposed to a real effort towards actually being a business. And I created these beautiful meditations and videos and inspirational content and information. It was almost like my journal. As I was discovering things, I would be putting that out on social media.

Michele Parad [00:16:31]:

And there’s nothing wrong with that. I think especially if you’re maybe going into more of an influencer route, that could be one way to go about it. It really didn’t give me any traction because I was really all over the place. Where am I going to for what? And so I think the the beginning part before you even start on creating content is Who are you talking to and and being more specific about that? What is, obviously, what is your niche? And we don’t have to go super narrow at the beginning because in the beginning, it’s still an exploration phase, and you don’t wanna necessarily take a whole group of people out of who you wanna talk to. But let’s start with an idea or a sense of who it is. I picked entrepreneurs and business owners, and that’s can be a pretty broad spectrum of people. I focus on with those that are a little bit spiritually curious as well. And then see what feedback you get from the universe.

Michele Parad [00:17:42]:

So get to understand who am I actually attracting now as my avatar. And then do I like working with this type of person? It’s important. That’s interesting feedback as well. And then you can continue to narrow down your niche because you’ve gotten that information and feedback. Okay. I like certain aspects of working with this type of person and then these other aspects I don’t want. And so then you can really start to hone in on your niche and then obviously create content for their specific, if you wanna call it pain points. But I like to flip the script around that.

Michele Parad [00:18:27]:

It’s not about the pain points. When you think about on a higher level conscious marketing aspect, it’s more about what is the transformation that they seek And where do they wanna go? What is their aspiration? And how can I help them to get there? As opposed to necessarily focusing on just the pain of not having the money or whatever is going on in their particular reality. So from there, you can start to tease out these are the themes that this person really is aspiring to or needs. And I like to break it out into talking about your values. That’s something I got from one of my mentors, and I really appreciated that way of framing it is people come to you because you align with their values. And that’s very interesting. Taking a stance related to this group of people and putting that out there. And maybe it’s controversial.

Michele Parad [00:19:43]:

Maybe it’s new, but it’s going to be directed at these group of people who are gonna feel in the same exact way.

Melissa Brown [00:19:52]:

So I love that. Actually, that’s a really good point because You mentioned before in looking at these pillars and diving into it, one of the criteria is do I like to work with these people? And if you’re putting out content with certain values and someone drops into your Vortex, if you will, who is completely the antithesis of your values, It will probably not be a smooth relationship.

Michele Parad [00:20:24]:

Yeah. I think that will be evident even in a conversation in a sales type of conversation that you have with them too. There might be a difference in also even the expectation that they hold for the work. So it is important to be clear about what the services and the values that you hold along with that.

Melissa Brown [00:20:48]:

So when you’re coming up with these themes, values is one of the things one of the pieces that you look at. Are there others that you Try and tease out with your clients?

Michele Parad [00:20:58]:

Well, then it’s how do I distinguish myself from all the noise that’s out there because there are other people probably doing the same thing that I’m doing, talking about similar things that I’m talking about. How can I step into more of a thought leadership position when I’m creating content from the perspective of can I look at a topic and say something new? Can I look at a trend? Let’s say, I everyone’s talking about ChatGPT right now or whatever it is. That’s like the ongoing trend of what’s happening in the marketing realm. And so rather than maybe asking ChatGPT what to say about ChatGPT or copying

Melissa Brown [00:21:44]:

very meta.

Michele Parad [00:21:46]:

Right, or copying what everyone else is saying about it. How can I really tap into my own understanding of it? How can I think about it a little bit differently than other people? So coming from that perspective of saying something new, saying something thought-provoking, and saying something that no one has really thought about in that particular way in bringing your unique background and skill sets to doing that. And you can do that about a trend. You can do that about a particular theme that’s relevant to your industry. Obviously, you can start to create workshops around that and trickle some of the tidbits that you get from that and dispersing that into different channels as well. But it’s helpful to have 2 to 3 different areas that you like to talk about in your unique point of view around it.

Melissa Brown [00:22:47]:

I like how you said that. Your unique And new perspective taking all of your past experience, your values, even blending all those together and looking at Any of the trending things that are going on, like chat GPT right now is the big one, AI. And then giving your perspective, now It’s not adding just noise to what’s already out there. It’s bringing a fresh new look at it That makes you completely uncopyable.

Michele Parad [00:23:22]:

Right. Well, I guess other people can try to copy you.

Melissa Brown [00:23:25]:

But they don’t have the same experiences and blend of skill sets, gifts that you have.

Michele Parad [00:23:33]:

And so that’s the thing. When you go into a deeper container with people. There’s really no one that can replace you and your unique what you bring to the container even if they try to copy the theme or the sentiment around it. But everything when you get into a deeper version of that. What you deliver is your own body of work at the end of the day. Yeah. So that’s another aspect that I like to think about, and I’m really going in the direction of collaboration. And you and I met in a collaboration club.

Michele Parad [00:24:12]:

Yeah. I think that’s another pillar I would say to content is how can you align yourself with other people that have the same values and similar audiences and create interesting content around the intersection of the 2 of you. Right? There are commonalities, and that in itself brings about new insights that maybe you hadn’t even thought about them before. There’s so many opportunities that can derive from that as well. You never know. You can start out with being on someone’s podcast, and then later that turns into a joint venture where you develop content together or there’s so many different that I can

Melissa Brown [00:25:03]:

It could lead to Speaking engagements. It could lead to new products. It could lead to a book. I’m just on the same page with you with these collaborations because What is that old saying? No man is an island. No woman is an island. We really are not able to you can’t reach your full potential Completely 100% in isolation. So having these collaborations and helping other people be successful in that collaborative it’s not all about me. It’s all about the joint venture, if you will.

Melissa Brown [00:25:39]:

And I am just loving working with other people on these podcast interviews and lead magnet swaps and Summits and bundles and all of these different things where it just magnifies everybody’s reach, And it puts so much more content and good value and juju out there into the world.

Michele Parad [00:26:04]:

Yeah. In that. A 100%. And, like you said, we don’t wanna be creating in a silo. And I think that’s where getting into these collaborations. We can actually deepen our understanding of what we’re doing in our mission and get feedback as well. And it’s another proponent of spreading your mission, multiplying that through other people. You even get into starting a movement in a way as well.

Michele Parad [00:26:34]:

It’s like your message multiplies through all these other avenues and people, and that’s truly how we can grow and evolve our

Melissa Brown [00:26:43]:

business. Love that. So let me just make sure kinda review. So you first focus on values. When we’re talking about these content pillars, you’re focusing on the values first. And then what are the new and unique perspectives? The thought leader Pillar, if you will. How can you bring your own new and unique perspective to trends or themes? And then collaborations, and that being another complete separate pillar to think about. Are there others are there others that you Help your clients go through?

Michele Parad [00:27:20]:

Of course. You do have to talk about your offers. You know, not everyone enjoys doing, but that is an aspect of what you do have to do and being mindful of when and how often you mix that into your content, where you don’t want to be only having sales, emails, or on to in general or embedding that into the other content pillars that you’re doing. Right? So in sharing your thought leadership, you can segue into the offer piece as well. You do have to embed it and think clearly about your strategy around that as well. And the other piece important piece that I think is The thread amongst all the content pillar is ultimately your purpose and sharing stories about your personal experience and being vulnerable and sharing your, the ways that you tripped up and the way what you’re and and being human along the way, not necessarily, just saying I got to 10 k or whatever in 3 months. I got to this number and this, you know, what what really was behind the scenes for that. Right? I’m tired of hearing these shiny numbers.

Michele Parad [00:28:47]:

What I wanna know is, like, the hardships that you went is I can more I can feel like it’s real, and I can empathize with the story and more likely work with you along the way too because I know it’s not this isn’t total BS.

Melissa Brown [00:29:06]:

Yeah. These people who want you to believe that they were an overnight success, and the real truth lies in They’ve been working at this for a long time, and maybe they’ve got a huge team. And there’s just so much behind the scenes that they never show. So authenticity and vulnerability and being real are really important.

Michele Parad [00:29:29]:

Right. And I’m also talking. This is one of my values. Right? So that’s essentially what I share as well. So there is some crossover with that. But I think embedding a little bit of that for people to get to really know you on a deeper level rather than just this is what I offer and this is what I think, but who am I? And showing different aspects of that is also a beautiful way for people to connect with you in a deeper way.

Melissa Brown [00:29:57]:

I love this. Is there anything else you think the listeners should know about choosing content pillars? Anything else?

Michele Parad [00:30:05]:

Other thing I would say is that once you know your archetype, what I suggest also is Can you put yourself into that persona and then create from that perspective as well. And if you’re an explorer, for example, how can you maybe share, like, the behind the scenes of what you’re discovering. That doesn’t necessarily have to be, like, your travel, but it could be. But maybe you’re just going down different avenues of exploring a topic or a research, and How can you share that aspect and embody that archetype a little bit more when you show up in these spaces?

Melissa Brown [00:30:54]:

How many archetypes are there?

Michele Parad [00:30:57]:

So I have 12 as part of my quiz, and I share a little bit of insights, positive and negative. There’s always yin and yang. And to be aware of where you can fall short sometimes within it. But, of course, there are more that exist in the world, but those are the ones that I’ve found that I tend to work with. And, yeah, I think it’s helpful to also create the tonality and the format of your content that also gives you some insights as well and also how you communicate and disseminate that information.

Melissa Brown [00:31:38]:

For the listeners, your archetype quiz is found right on your home page. Is that correct?

Michele Parad [00:31:45]:

Yes, right when you go on the landing page, but I also have a free resources page. You can peruse all the things that I have on there as well. And once you go through it, you’ll get a little guide. It’s at www.michele, m-I-c-h-e-l-e parad p a r a d.com.

Melissa Brown [00:32:09]:

And I’ll include that link and the link to all of your resources In the show notes too. So if you missed that, listeners, you can get that in the show notes. So we’ll definitely have that. And Where is it that you hang out on social

Michele Parad [00:32:25]:

media? It’s also my name, michele.parad on Instagram there, and then you can find me on LinkedIn as well. So

Melissa Brown [00:32:35]:

With Michele Parad.

Michele Parad [00:32:37]:


Melissa Brown [00:32:38]:

I’ll make sure that all of those links are included in the show notes. Michele, we’ve been doing some Real quick questions here at the end of our interviews, and I call this fast on your feet questions. So . . . Just a couple of them here, and there’s no right or wrong answer. But here’s the first one. What’s the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

Michele Parad [00:33:04]:

Oh, interesting. This is a bit controversial for me because I don’t know that I can pinpoint one specific piece of advice that someone gave me. I would actually say that the best advice that I’ve gotten is more from self in contrast to the advice that I’ve been given.

Melissa Brown [00:33:26]:

Ah, interesting answer. Okay. So basically listening to yourself and your own intuition, it sounds.

Michele Parad [00:33:36]:

Exactly. And that’s one of the lessons that I’ve really learned is that I gave my power away a little bit too much to my mentors and to other healers who told me, for example, that I was gonna marry my boyfriend at the time, whatever, and it was so unaligned. But that translates into all decision making too. It’s, these are the things that you should do. And then my experience and my body and my intuition told me not. And now I approach mentors a lot differently where I hear what they have to say and then I really take the time to try to integrate and sift out what is the advice I wanna take and what is not. And I think everyone should take that approach rather than taking an expert’s advices. That’s the true complete truth.

Melissa Brown [00:34:33]:

Giving away your power to someone else in essence.

Michele Parad [00:34:36]:

Yeah. As a society, we give our power away to politicians, to doctors, to scientists. And, yes, they have a lot of knowledge and expertise and information, but Sometimes you’ve gotta do your own

Melissa Brown [00:34:53]:

research. Again, 1 size does not fit all. Right. Yeah. You have to know yourself. Right. Alright, That’s a very interesting answer. Thanks for that.

Melissa Brown [00:35:04]:

Question number 2, what book would you recommend everyone read and why?

Michele Parad [00:35:10]:

I am a big proponent of the Gene Keys, which is Yeah. What I work with people on as another tool we use to help people. So this is by Richard Rudd. And

Melissa Brown [00:35:24]:

r u d r u

Michele Parad [00:35:25]:

d, Rudd? Yep. It’s g e n e and then keys, k e y s. You can go and do a free profile, and you can already get some interesting information and insights into your life purpose and your evolution. And it really goes into what are your shadows and then how can you transmute those shadows into gifts, into actually what you’re meant to do. Because sometimes it’s like the thing that you think that you’re really bad at is actually on the other side of transmuting that is something you’re actually really good

Melissa Brown [00:36:06]:

at. Ah, interesting.

Michele Parad [00:36:08]:

It was a really interesting perspective and lens on knowing yourself more deeply. And so there are 64 keys, and each person has a different map of those, and they’re in a different place within your configuration. Some just beautiful reflections that you can get out of just listening to. I have the audiobook, but you can get the book mainly and go through each of the spheres, the keys, and listen to what it has to say. And I think that over time, you’ll start to understand the true meaning of it because it comes into your reality, into your experience. And then that helps you deepen your understanding of them.

Melissa Brown [00:36:57]:

I’ve never heard of that book, so I’m gonna have to check that out. Thanks for that. Do you have a favorite quote?

Michele Parad [00:37:08]:

Interestingly, the first thing that comes to mind is a favorite nonquote.

Melissa Brown [00:37:12]:


Michele Parad [00:37:15]:

Always being controversial, but, you know, my Dad, his quote to me, whenever something and there’s a good and there’s a bad component to it. But his quote to me, whenever something bad would happen is Life is full of shit. And I think that he meant it from the perspective of And this actually helped me in some ways to just say things happen. Things happen. There’s No need to get super emotional or angry about it or dwell on it or be victimized by it. But just know that is the reality that we live in. Things are it’s gonna come up to challenge us.

Michele Parad [00:38:02]:

No matter how much work you do on yourself, there’s always the next layer and the next level. And so I think it was like a helpful coping mechanism in some ways to say, okay. It is what it is. On the other hand, I don’t think that you want to be consistently feeling like there’s always some shit happening hanging around the corners. Excuse my language. But something is always gonna happen or occur and to be wary that something is around the corner. That’s not really the way we wanna live. We wanna live more from the perspective of the opposite, which is There’s always beautiful things coming my way.

Michele Parad [00:38:50]:

There’s always these beautiful affirmations of my manifestations are coming into to place into divine timing, and I’m always surrounded by beautiful experiences and people. And I’m now more so into trying to create the good while being aware that those experiences that come our way. It’s just a reflection of where we have to pivot where we have to redirect ourselves, or it’s almost like karmic experience to help develop our soul, to help us evolve.

Melissa Brown [00:39:29]:

Beautiful. Alright. One last question. If you had 1 takeaway from our talk today, what nugget would be your wish that everyone leave here today with?

Michele Parad [00:39:40]:

Just because you have gone down a specific rabbit hole and spent a lot of time in a specific direction, building a specific persona of what you think you are. It doesn’t mean that you can’t reinvent yourself. And there’s always a day where you can start as a blank slate and create something entirely new and to give yourself the permission to do that and to reflect on that and have some freedom in that as well.

Melissa Brown [00:40:19]:

Alright. That sounds like a mic drop moment right there. Alright, Michele. Thank you so much for all of this. This has been really great, and I will include all of the links for How to get in touch with Michele and the archetype quiz. Thank you for being here,

Michele Parad [00:40:35]:

Michele. thank you so much. It was so fun.

Melissa Brown [00:40:39]:

Great. Alright. And thank you all for tuning in today to the she’s got content podcast. Be sure to take action with the nuggets from today’s episode, Get your content out there in the world. People are waiting to hear from you. They need your help. Get that content out there to reach them, And we’ll see you back here next week. If you got value from today’s episode, I would be so grateful when you leave a 5 star rating wherever you listen to podcast.

Melissa Brown [00:41:05]:

It only takes a second, and it really helps me get my message out to impact even more people so they can, in turn, keep the ripple going. If you’re listening on Apple Podcast And leave a review of the show. It would really make my day, and you just might receive a shout-out on the show as my content creator of the week when I read out your review. And last but never least, if you want an endless supply of just right ideas for content you can write about for your blog post, Your emails, your videos, podcast episodes, all the content things, then you wanna head over to my website at shesgotcontent.com/content, and pick up your free workbook. Never run out of content ideas. Look for that link in the show notes today along with the other links mentioned in today’s episode. Until next time, content creators. You’ve got an audience waiting to hear from you, and you’ve got content to share with them.

Melissa Brown [00:41:58]:

Stop being the best kept secret and make a bigger impact when you’ve got content out there in the world.

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