How Smart Podcasters Save Time Creating Their Podcast Show

By Melissa Brown, MD

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In celebration of International Podcast Day 2023, I tapped a group of smart podcasters in my network and asked them to share their biggest time-saving tips when they're producing their podcast episodes.

They did not hold back! I love how all their answers touched on different aspects of the workflow for producing each podcast episode. So many unique tips poured out from these ladies.

Read through these time-savers and implement something for your podcast show. If you're looking to start your own podcast, these tips can save you time right from the beginning.

Even if you're a seasoned podcaster, I'm sure there are some tips here that will help you shave some time off somewhere in your podcast production workflow.

You have just so many minutes in each precious day. Spend the extra time you saved when implementing these tips by doing just about anything else your heart desires. 💖

Happy International Podcast Day 2023!

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Melissa Brown

My Secret Weapon For Saving Time Works Like Magic--Descript Plus CastMagic!

I launched my podcast, She's Got Content, on September 30, 2022 which it turns out, is International Podcast Day. When I started my show, I already knew all about using Descript for quick and easy audio editing. It works like magic to allow you to manipulate the text in the transcript it creates and magically, the audio then changes, too!  So from the beginning, the Descript app saved me lots of time by creating my transcripts and allowing me to easily edit the audio from the text.

Reality set in when it came to creating the rest of the show notes for each episode. That was such a time-consuming task that I started to dread it.

That all changed when I discovered CastMagic to create my show notes. Castmagic is like a magical wand that takes my edited audio and turns it into text form for all the pieces I need for my show notes and promotions. And it's all done in a matter of minutes. I can customize new pieces of content from the audio by creating my own prompts, too, which means the possibilities are endless!

My work-flow now looks like this:

  • I record my audio in Zoom if I have a guest or directly in Descript if it's a solo episode.
  • I upload the Zoom audio into Descript and use it's easy text-to-audio editor to create the final audio for my show. I no longer use the transcript from Descript, so I don't do the micro-corrections to it as I edit the audio. I found I could save even more time by using CastMagic's transcript which seems to be superior to Descript's translation of the same audio.
  • I upload the edited audio from Descript into CastMagic and let the AI work its magic there. In a matter or minutes, I quickly have a transcript that only needs minor edits, keywords, title options, snippets for social media, a video reel script, a blog post, a newsletter article, and the highlights for my 'don't miss inside this episode' section of my show notes. I even get suggestions for topics for content upgrades or products to create to go along with this episode's topic. 
  • I then have everything I need to create my show notes in Captivate.fm, my podcast host platform. Once it's published by Captivate, it automatically populates on my website under the podcast tab and I can then start promoting the episode. 

Descript and especially CastMagic used together have become my secret weapon to save incredible amounts of time and create even better show notes for my listeners. They work like magic!

Kelly McCause in a denim jacket smiles in front of bushes.

Kelly McCausey

Kelly McCausey Makes It Super Easy for Her Podcast Guests By Using Forms and Setting Boundaries.

My time saving tip is to make it super easy for people to express interest in my podcast AND to have firm boundaries around wasting effort on those who aren't a fit.  

There is a simple page for volunteering on my website. In as few words as possible I let people know what the podcast is about: Content Marketing! 

I have a form set up (using Formidable Forms) that gathers up information that I would need if I accept them as a guest - saving me time later when it comes time to publish.

There are a surprising number of people who will read (or not read) the invitation and fill out the form who are not at all appropriate for my show. Either they're not content marketers at all - or they have focused all of their information on something else entirely. 

The time saving moment for me is when I simply delete the submission without reply. 

It's not that I want to be rude, but they have been given the clearest of invitations and they ignored it - or their team has anyways.  If they want to waste their time mass requesting podcasts that don't align with their area of focus, it's fine - but I'm not going to give any energy to a response.

I used to take the time to reply and explain kindly why they're not a fit. I wanted to be responsive and helpful. The responses were often to push back and tell me I should reconsider. LOL!  No to that nonsense.  

I'd rather be responsive and helpful to my podcast listeners 💕

About Kelly:
Kelly McCausey wants you to publish content you're proud of for people you love. Learn about her annual Stretch Yourself Challenge here.

Kelly McCausey home on the 'net is at  Love People + Make Money. Her podcast, also named Love People + Make Money can be found on her website as well as most of the podcast platforms. Listen on Apple podcasts here. 

Christine Schroeter headshot showing her with long blonde hair smiling for the camera.

Christiane Schroeter

Christiane Schroeter's Secret Sauce Works Magic All Around The Internet 

Everyone knows you save time by creating a big pot of homemade tomato sauce once and then repurposing it for different dishes. It’s the same with content creation and promotion for my podcast. 

My secret sauce started as a series of interviews with various happy healthy hustlers (also the name of my podcast!) recorded on Instagram Live. This content was full of flavor and goodness, but sadly, wasn’t being consumed because the IG algorithm doesn’t show 30-minute videos.

I came up with a brilliant system to repurpose this recorded content into various formats– audio, video, and text – and send it out into the digital world to work its magic.

Here’s my 15-step time-saving content repurposing plan:

1. Record your IG Live video and save it.

2. Edit it with video editing software.

3. The audio becomes your podcast episode.

4. Create teaser video snippets.

5. Craft an IG Carousel from podcast snippets.

6. Fashion IG Reels from the video snippets.

7. Promote with an IG story.

8. Use software to quickly and easily transcribe the audio to text.

9. Convert the transcription into an SEO-optimized blog post using ChatGPT.

10. Use IG Live video recording to create YouTube videos.

11. Repurpose Reels as YouTube shorts and TikTok’s.

12. Add clips to your blog post.

13. Write a newsletter linking to the blog post.

14. Create IG story quotes with a call-to-action.

15. Share blog post quotes on Pinterest and other platforms.

Here are some extra tips to elevate your content repurposing game even higher!

  • Use Canva to design eye-catching graphics featuring quotes from your content.
  • Engage your audience with a FaceBook Live session on your topic.
  • Offer repurposed content as lead magnets to grow your email list.

Content repurposing not only saved me time and expanded my reach but also supercharged my health coaching business.

Don't miss out on this free download of the content repurposing strategy – it's your ticket to becoming a happy, healthy hustler in the world of content creation! 

About Christiane:
Christiane from Hello Happy Nest empowers you to start your happy healthy hustle and kickstart your Journey to Wellness! As a Food & Health Coach, she has transformed the lives of thousands of students. With her doctorate in Health Economics, her publications on food labeling & obesity, and her expertise as a fitness instructor, Christiane has a wide area of experience. Listen to her Happy Healthy Hustle Podcast here.

A woman in a white sweater and jeans standing on a sidewalk.

Brittany Herzberg

Brittany Herzberg Shares Tips To Nix The Time Suck From Your Podcast SEO Strategy 

Showing up as the answer to a Googled question is simple, but people think it sounds super time-consuming and kick that can down the road until they “have time” or “can hire help.” But your podcast needs an SEO strategy right now! So here’s how you can add SEO into your podcast workflow—without the time suck.

Include meaningful keyword tags
Don’t leave this to those AI copywriting tools! They don’t do a good job of pulling actual keywords that actual people are typing. Instead: take 2-3 minutes—note questions you addressed, topics you talked about, & anything else you know your listeners are searching for.

Keyword-rich episode titles
Make efficient use of those keywords and add them to your episode titles!

Add transcripts
Generate an SRT file for your episode—it takes just a few minutes! Not only does it help your listeners with hearing disabilities, but it also easily beefs up keywords in your podcast & on your site and makes your episode more findable! (Tip: don’t stress perfection with transcripts.)

Links in show notes
SEO includes linking—so add links to resources, your site, and other episodes related to this one.

By incorporating SEO into your podcast creation process, you can look forward to:

  • Reaching more listeners
  • Increased listening time
  • Improving the listener experience
  • Being seen as an authority by search engines and listeners

Having a focused SEO strategy for your podcast makes you, your podcast, your business, & your offers more findable—simply by optimizing content you’re already creating!

About Brittany:
Brittany Herzberg is the copywriter service providers call when they want to show up as the answer to a Googled question. She helps people harness the power of social proof marketing and SEO copywriting to get their businesses (and podcasts) found online—organically! You can find Brittany's website at BrittanyHerzberg.com, where you can discover her latest offers for simple SEO solutions and learn why she's also known as the Queen of Case Studies. Brittany is a cohost of the podcast, The Simple and Smart SEO Show where you can learn all things SEO.

Headshot of Laurie-Ann Murabito--A woman smiling in front of a brick wall.

Laurie-Ann Murabito

Stop Reinventing the Wheel Each Week: Laurie-Ann Murabito Shares The Power of Templates for Your Podcast Simplicity

As new podcast hosts, we can waste time reinventing the wheel instead of systematizing repeatable tasks. Any process you do regularly should become an automation or template. 

Templates will remove decision fatigue and the emotions from getting things done efficiently. I’ve created a list of templates over the past three years, since episode #1, that I still leverage weekly. 

Here are a few examples:

✔️ Show notes template to easily outline each episode with speed and precision.

✔️ Graphics templates for audiograms, social posts, and email campaigns promoting new episodes. 

✔️ Thank you emails to notify guests when their episode goes live.

✔️  Social media content templates guests can use to promote their episode.

The time invested in building these templates has paid off exponentially. Now I can produce each episode with minimal thought or effort. 

The other benefit to having templates is audience recognition. Your fans will become familiar with your graphics which will compel them to stop scrolling and catch up on your latest episode.

What repeatable processes could be templated in your podcast? Identify these time-hungry tasks and build systems that create leverage and space. The upfront time you put into templates will be earned back tenfold through consistent execution.

About Laurie-Ann:
Speaking Coach & Strategist, Laurie-Ann Murabito, has over two decades of experience stepping on stages and working with executives to Fortune 500 companies to communicate with confidence. She is a reformed painfully shy gal who accidentally became a professional speaker when she said yes before she was ready. Today Laurie-Ann works with coaches and consultants to leverage speaking opportunities to be positioned as the expert, attract high-end clients, and monetize their authority. You can find Laurie-Ann on the web at SpeakAndStandOut.com. Listen to her podcast at Be In Demand with Laurie-Ann Murabito.

Head shot of Karen Robinson

Karen Robinson

Batching and Having Info All In One Place Allow Karen Robinson To Have Six Months of Episodes Ready To Be Published!

I am a badass, timesaving podcaster. I now batch my podcast recordings once a month, 4-6 episodes at a time. I am proud to share that I have six months of episodes ready to be published! 

I am a member of Podmatch and thus have no issues with finding speakers each month. Podmatch also provides show matches for me to consider being a guest on other shows. I love this!

I save time by having a Google Sheet open that has my guest’s links, bio, pics, and any other information they would like shared in the show notes. I copy and paste a short bio from the show notes and add it to the recording chat to introduce my guest. Since I already requested their headshots, my graphics for both YouTube and podcast platforms are ready to go.

The last step before sending my assistant everything for editing and publishing, I'll go to Amazon for affiliate links for books written by my guests or their recommended reads. These are added to my Google Doc as well. I love how my efficiency has increased the more I record and share my guests' stories for my audience. 

My assistant edits and schedules everything for posting. Magic completed!

About Karen:
Karen Robinson empowers women survivors to heal and recover from all types of traumatic events. A licensed therapist with 25+ years of clinical experience specializing in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression, Karen provides holistic care to create transformation and healing for trauma survivors.

Karen's website is at Heal, Thrive, Dream and you can find her podcast, The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast, on Apple iTunes, and all major podcast players. 

A smiling woman with curly hair and a green shirt.

Tish Lee

Tish Lee's Time-Saving Tip Has Stood The Test of Time

I’m a one-person team so I handle everything from booking guests (when I do interviews), recording the episode, editing, and publishing. I’ve been podcasting since 2019 and I quickly learned I needed a system for making each step of the process quicker and easier. As I’ve grown as a podcaster, some of those systems didn’t make sense or work any longer. 

But there has been one thing I’ve been doing since the very first episode that I have continued to do each episode – jotting down notes during the recording of the episode (important things said, quotes, resources mentioned, or other info worth drawing attention to). This saves me time in a few different ways: 

  • Creating the blog post with show notes – I use the notes to point listeners to specific sections of the show that are important (saving them time if they don’t want to listen to the full episode). 
  • Creating social media graphics – I’ll use the notes to create quote graphics to share on social. 
  • Creating audiograms – the note(s) I jotted down help me to be able to find that section in the audio & use it to create an audiogram that can be used to share on social media. 

Not only will I jot down noteworthy things, but I will also make notes about a cough, sneeze, dog bark, etc. so I know to edit that spot out. 

This makes things easier and smoother which ultimately saves me time. 😃   

About Tish:
Tish Lee encourages women of all sizes to take up space confidently and comfortably with no apology. She knows if you don't take your space in the world, no one else can and that would be a damn shame. Tish's home on the web is Shining Self. You can catch up on all her past and new episodes of Your Shining Self Podcast right on Tish's site or in your favorite podcast listening platform.

If you're thinking your podcast production time-suck is actually coming up with content ideas, I've got you covered with that, too. Just sit down with my free workbook, Never Run Out of Content Ideas, and once you go through the prompts, you'll have a content bank full of ideas. Ideas you can whip up for future blog posts, podcast episodes, social media, video shows, or email. You will literally never run out of content ideas once you go through this workbook!

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About the author

Dr. Melissa Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching. After retirement from clinical pediatric practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker. She currently teaches solopreneurs and coaches how to stop being the world's best-kept secret. Her mission is to help you: Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

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