She's Got Content Virtual Summit 2024

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

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De'Nicea Hilton Harper:
The Authentic Creative Approach For Starting or Pivoting Your Podcast

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Click here to ANSWER THE CALL: Get De'Nicea's FREE match game and mini-course that invites you to unravel the hidden messages your body is telling you about your perfect, authentic leadership style.


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De'Nicea's Podcast

De'Nicea's new podcast is called Lead In Perfection. Have a  listen to the trailer and any new episodes and leave her a review!


Karen Robinson:
Mom-Turned-Podcaster's Genius Hack For Recording Episodes In Between Sessions

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Karen's Free Gift & Discount Consult

Karen's free Get Creative With Your Podcast workbook filled with templates, checklists, and planner pages for your podcast.

Karen is also offering a discount on her consultations for the next 30 days, throughout the month of May 2024. Instead of $197, she has discounted her podcasting consult fee to $97 exclusively for this summit audience. If you want more clarification about podcasting, batching, or producing your podcast, you can top into Karen's creative experience and get your answers. Once you sign up for the workbook, you'll be given an opportunity to book that consult with Karen.  Or go directly here to book your consultation with Karen. 


Karen's YouTube Channel

Karen's YouTube Channel. She has a video podcast on her channel. Subscribe and get notified whenever she releases a new episode. 


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Karen's Podcast

Karen's podcast is Heal, Thrive, Dream. She interviews survivors of trauma and shares their journeys of healing and hope. She also invites healers who work with trauma survivors to come on the show and share their experience with helping others. Have a listen and be sure to leave her a rating and review for the podcast, too. 


Andria Singletary:
Creative Ways to Connect Your Podcast To Your Business

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Andria's Free Gift

Andria's private podcast, The Lead Generation Playbook, is a perfect example of how you can connect your podcast and your business. The content shared in this private podcast lead magnet explains how to get comfortable selling your products and services in your own podcast. 

Andria's Podcast

Andria's Podcast is Mama Turned Mompreneur. Be sure to listen and leave a rating and review for Andria. 

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Andria's Website

Andria's website is MamaTurnedMompreneur. 

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