4 Things Your Community Will Love To Get Their Hands On

By Melissa Brown, MD

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Let’s get physical with your content. Your community–your followers, clients, potential clients–will love to get their hands on your content. Not figuratively. They’ll love to get their hands on your content when you turn it into a physical product.

If you’re thinking only in terms of digital content, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get your message–your content–into the hands of your community members. Physical products are the new way for you to spread your message and keep you top of mind with your audience. And good news, they’re money-makers, too.


Books are the most well-known type of content that can be experienced physically. You might already have a book for sale or one in the works. Here are just five ways you can grow your business by having a physical, hold-in-your-hand book.

Profit From Book Sales

These days, it’s the rare person who gets rich from writing a book. That should not dissuade you from writing your book, though. Having a different money mindset about writing a book works for many authors. View the profits from your book sales as money you can reinvest into your business to fuel even more growth.

By increasing your profits with a book, you’ll have increased funds to outsource more tasks. You can hire someone to do the mundane things that tie up your time and take your time away from doing your best zone of genius work. Leveraging your time and talents this way alone makes writing a book well worth the time and effort to get it written and into the hands of your followers.

Gain Prestige And Followers

Speaking of your followers, a physical book gives you a certain status symbol within your community. This prestige helps you grow that community also.

When you have a physical book to hold in your hands and display, you’re now in an elite group known as a ‘Published Author.’ Even if you self-publish your book, you’ll gain a great deal of respect within the coaching and business community simply from having a book available in the marketplace.

This respect leads to new social media followers, email subscribers, and paying clients who need the services you provide. It all started with an idea in your head. And now, you’ve birthed that idea into something that you and your followers can physically hold in your hands. Imagine that–your expertise–your words–are now literally in the hands of anyone!

The Domino Expertise Effect 

The fact that you’ve written a book on a subject makes you an expert in the field as far as most people are concerned. But the value of doing so goes deeper than that. There’s a domino effect that’s set in motion when you undertake and complete writing a book.

In the process of researching and writing your book, you’ve expanded your knowledge and become an expert in your field. You’ve put in the time doing research to understanding the topic completely and from all angles. You then translate it so the information is easier to understand. You break it down into digestible bits you share with your readers in an organized manner. That will draw more people to you as a coach and to your book as avid readers look to improve their lives.

Increased Opportunities for Visibility

Visibility comes in many forms. When you write a book, you get even more exposure on multiple fronts. In addition to a wide range of recognition from the book itself, you have the opportunity to tell your story to an even wider audience through:

  • Book launch parties
  • Interviews and podcast appearances
  • Speaking engagements
  • Book signings
  • Library visits

These are just the beginning. You’ll find being a published author with a physical book will open even more doors to increase your visibility further. Joint ventures and speaker summits are two that come to mind.

Leverage Your Knowledge

One on one services is a time-consuming process that only allows you to work with so many people in a day. A book is something that allows you to help more people with your limited time. It allows you to leverage your knowledge in a way that you can help far more people in a shorter time than you could ever do with one on one service.

Card Decks

Custom-built card decks are the latest way to get a physical product into the hands of your followers. You can easily create custom card decks on your own and have them printed on demand. They are an excellent companion to a book if you’ve already written one. They can be useful to inspire, educate, and engage your community members.

To get an idea about the concept of card decks, you can check out my Card Deck Shop and look at the deck I created to help my community come up with ideas for content creation.

If you’re curious whether a custom card deck would benefit your type of business, check out these ideas from my friend, Rosie Battista. Rosie taught the course I took to learn how to turn my content into card decks.


Printed journals, workbooks, and planners are another category for a physical product that your community wants to get their hands on. This concept takes the ‘low-content’ category to an entirely new level. Learn how to create one of these journals this way here..

Think of designing a stunning hold-in-your-hand journal that helps your client walk through a series of questions designed to create a transformation that changes her life. These print-on-demand journals can be beautifully designed and customized with your ideas, your message, your own signature methods to create change. They also make a perfect companion to the book you’ve written or plan to write.

When you have all three of these physical products, you can also create a special kit combining your book, card deck, and journal all packaged together. People love having all the pieces together to help them achieve transformation more quickly and comprehensively.

Close your eyes. Imagine for a minute your happy client reading through the book you’ve written, writing in her companion journal that follows along with your book, and perhaps even pulling a card from the card deck for daily inspiration. What a lovely vision!

Board Games

If you really want to stand out with a unique physical product, create your own board game! The ideas for a board game will depend on your niche and your audience.

Imagine how fun it will be for your community to throw the dice and move around the game board you’ve created to help them with transformation. You can teach and inspire all along the board depending on which square the contestant lands.

Experiment with building your own board game using a blank board kit available on Amazon. Once you perfect your design, you can teach a workshop so your clients can duplicate their own blank kit to truly customize your idea. Then teach them exactly how the game is played and what’s the benefit to those who play.

If it would fit your niche better to use an ‘opoly’ type of game, there are also blank kits to create this type of board game as well.

Summary and Your Turn

Now you know how to get physical with your content. Your clients will be able to get physical, too, when they have your physical products in their hands.

Books are the best-known example of physical products that are created from your content. Don’t forget about the impact a deck of cards will have. Journals are great companions to your book. Add a fun board game and you’ve got a complete suite of products your community will love to get their hands on.

Which physical product caught your eye and beckons you to create it for your community? Let me know in the comments below.

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About the author

Dr. Melissa Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching. After retirement from clinical pediatric practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker. She currently teaches solopreneurs and coaches how to stop being the world's best-kept secret. Her mission is to help you: Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Martha. My wheels are turning for that board game idea, too. So many possibilities. It could be like marrying a vision board workshop and a journal together to create your own best life board game! Woo hoo so many ideas.

  • Hello Melissa!

    where to start with my thoughts…I have been blogging now for a little over a year and still am building my followers. I feel like I have the niche figured out with a few extra things to pull from. I’m wanting to move from Blogger to WordPress and hoping to have this completed this year.
    I have written a book, have had it edited and now it sits. I’ve thought about getting it out again and possibly moving forward with getting it published. I love the concept of the card decks and the game boards. That would be fun doing something like this with my crafting niche. Maybe even the genealogy piece, too. I’ll have to toss these around…

    Until next time!!!

    • Thank you for your comment, Nancy. I hear you about that book sitting there. That’s a very common thing for an author to get that far and something then causes the momentum to slow. Doubt, fear, and ‘what if’s’ set in (both good ones and not so good ones) and it’s difficult to shake that off. Life sometimes just simply gets in the way, too.

      You’re so close with your book! Make a plan and publish it. If the card decks/journal/board games fit in to complement your book, you’ll be on such a roll that those things will come naturally and easily.

      One of the best ways to get all this accomplished is to find a great accountability partner. Hold each other accountable for what you say you’ll get done towards a weekly step towards your overall goal. You each set up parameters about consequences should you not meet your goal. You’ll both work all that much harder not to disappoint your accountability buddy and so as to avoid the consequences.

      Best of luck and please keep me in the loop on your journey. I want to see a picture of you with your book physically in your hand!!

  • Melissa, what great ideas! I have been working on a 3-item kit, and we’re doing the packaging now. But this is the first I’ve thought of my own journal, board game, or card deck. Thanks!

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