Cool Tools For Content Creation: Go Full Page

By Melissa Brown, MD

Have you ever wanted to save full webpages to read later or study them for a project? Maybe you want to archive some of the content from your site for whatever reason. Taking screenshot after screenshot as you scroll down a long page is time-consuming. All of those different images are hard to keep track of in one place and it’s an organizational burden. I’ve found a cool little tool that allows you to capture a long webpage into one pdf document. That way, you can easily save it for whatever purpose you need and handily view the entire page by opening one pdf. Not multiple screenshots in jpegs or pngs. This Chrome browser extension is called Go Full Page. There is a free version and a low-cost premium version.

Here’s a short 3-minute video I recorded on Loom in the summer of 2020. This video walks you through how the tool works. BTW, I mention Coach Ready Content in the video. This is my health and wellness PLR shop site. If you need some quality done-for-you health and wellness or personal development content, check it out!

Free Go Full Page

I’ve found there are many applications for this cool little tool by merely using the free version. I’ve used it to save articles I want to read later, sales pages I want to study for the copywriting techniques used in that copy, and saving sales pages to be sure I received and downloaded all the bonuses included with a package I’ve bought. Sometimes a PLR package has a list of suggested ways you can use that PLR, so saving the sales page with this tool means I can keep that document right inside the PLR content folder to refer back to it easily. These are just some of the many ideas I’ve been able to use this cool tool but I believe I’ve only scratched the surface with the free version.

Go Full Page Premium

The premium version features even more ways for this tool to become your favorite go-to browser extension. At only $12 USD per year (yes, per year!), you may want to Go Premium.  Once you realize the benefits this tool brings to your content creation toolkit, you can come up with all kinds of ways to use it–for your audience as well as for your personal use.

If you’re saving those long page articles and you notice the page break is coming at the wrong place, there’s a feature in the premium version that fixes that. The premium version also permits typing right on the pdf, adding arrows to highlight specific sections. You also have the option for the addition of on-brand background colors, and a full selection of emoji stickers.

Use Go Full Page to create unique content upgrades.

How could you use this cool tool to create a content upgrade for your blog post that includes a pdf of the post? Add additional content to the original post by using the text box feature. You could even make it look on-brand by adding a background with your branding colors. Add a few worksheets from a template in Canva and you’ve got a valuable list builder for your blog post. Call it a content upgrade kit or toolkit/toolbox or bonus secret stash for that blog post. Consider naming it something that reflects that it has more than one item inside the content upgrade download. Be creative with your wordsmithing to make that content upgrade more desirable and it will help grow your list.

Use Go Full Page for personal use

On a personal note, you can use Go Full Page (either the free or premium version) to save and print out recipes you want to try. Have you ever had the experience while you’re cooking something following along the recipe with your phone or iPad open and the device keeps going to sleep? And now you’re hands are dirty with whatever you’re cooking.  So it’s slowing you down to stop, wash your hands and then log into your device and scroll down for the next step in the recipe.

Using this tool allows you to capture the entire recipe in a pdf and print it out (even if the blogger has not included that function on their website or for whatever reason, that function is not working.) You then have the full recipe handy for easy reference as you create your next culinary masterpiece! If you’ve got the premium version, you can add your custom notes in the margins by using the text function as you tweak the recipe ingredients or instructions. You can create your own personal cookbook by using this Go Full Page

Your turn

What do you think would be the best way you could use this cool tool? Is this something you think would be a tool for your business content creation or for your personal use? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • This look so interesting! I just signed up and downloaded a blog to try the program. I have lots to learn but I’m wondering if this would be a good program to print out Lia’s blogs that I want to save for my G-Granddaughter!

    • Thank you for your comment, Martha. That’s a wonderful idea to use Go Full Page to archive Lia’s blogs! You could bind them into a book form after you print them out. 😍

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