Easy Ideas For Social Media Content

By Melissa Brown, MD

One of the more common challenges I hear from people who are stuck in a rut with creating content is that they don’t know what to write about. Whether it’s for their blog, podcast, or social media content, they’ve become stuck. At some point, a lot of people feel like their idea well for content creation has dried up. They sit and look at the flashing cursor on a blank screen mocking them. That only serves to make them feel even more stuck.

The BLAST formula

I recently read this online article about a formula for creating different categories for posting content to social media. It was obvious to me that this could be a good tool in the toolbox for any kind of content creation–not just social media, but also blog posts, live stream video, or podcasting. It all depends on your niche and your audience!

And the best news? You can easily remember it by an acronym.


Now the thing about me is that I LOVE me a good acronym. My mind starts creating acronyms when I’m given lists and that helps me remember the entire list. I think this started when I was in medical school, although lately, as an internet marketer, this skill has become much more fun!

BLAST stands for these categories:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Local
  • A day in the life
  • Sneak peeks
  • Tips and advice

Let’s break down each one of those categories and explore how they might work for you.

Behind the scenes (BTS)

Have you ever noticed how people are essentially voyeurs? They love getting a peek behind the scenes to see how other people live or work. People want to see how something is done. It gives your audience a connection to you when you pull back the curtain and let them see you and/or your team doing what usually goes on hidden in the background.

Depending on your niche, your audience may love a peek at how to do something, how you’ve implemented a system that saves you time or stress (that they may be able to use to save them time and stress), or a BTS look at the progress of a longer-term project.

Sub-categories for BTS content would depend on your niche. Think in terms of personal content–showing your personality. Do you have a ritual or routine that helps you write? Reveal it in a BTS post.

Do you have a team? Include a BTS category for team activities or showcase each member of the team to show what they do–how they contribute to the customer’s experience.

Is there a project that you’re working on that will take time to produce? As an example, if you’re hosting a virtual summit later this year, post periodic BTS posts to update your audience and build anticipation. If you’re working on a creative project–as an example, maybe you’re refinishing furniture–talk about the steps along the way to chart your progress. This way, your readers learn how to do it as they watch while you go through the steps.


Think about local people, businesses, attractions, and events to write about. This also overlaps with the BTS category because you’re sharing personal information about where you live and what you like.

You could write about the local coffee shop that always knows your favorite drink. Or write about your favorite local spot to hike. That spot where nature inspires you to tap into that creative spot deep within you.

A day in the life

Remember the statement about people being voyeurs? People love to be a fly on the wall and watch what you do during the day. You serve as a leader, a role model for your readers. It’s natural for them to be curious if they’re ‘doing it right’  as they see how you do something.

Looking at how you structure your day is one gauge for your readers to know if they’re on the same path as you. You could also affirm with your readers that you don’t work 18 hour days in your business even though it may look like it on the other side. Mommy bloggers can show how they juggle their days and get as much accomplished as they do.

Possibly, as you write a day in the life content piece, you may have some Ah-Ha moments about where your time goes, too! As a result of having your eyes opened by this exercise, it might even lead to some changes in the structure of your day.

Sneak Peeks

What do you have coming up in the future with your business that you can showcase? Are you putting together a new course, event, or collaboration? Share a sneak peek and maybe you can even ask for input/feedback from your audience to help create it. As in the BTS category, this also helps to build buzz around what you’re planning for your community. Don’t keep everything under wraps and spring it at the last minute. Build up some anticipation–remember Carly Simon’s song? (Or maybe the song is best remembered by a ketchup commercial!)

Tips and advice

You can go in any direction with the tips and advice category. What do you wish you had known when you started out?  The best way to do XYZ. Post letters to your younger self, your future self. How can your readers save time, be more productive? Create content with little known facts about your core content. Dispel myths in your industry or niche. Or share the basics because there are always newbies who may be discovering you on any given day.

Let your imagination run wild with this category. Likely, this is content that you’ll be able to create without much thought, since you’re the expert here. The sky is the limit for you.

Well, how did you do? Have you come up with some new ideas for creating social media or any kind of content?

Leave a comment below and share which category you’re going to have a BLAST with to come up with more content. I can’t wait to read it!

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Dr. Melissa Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching. After retirement from clinical pediatric practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker. She currently teaches solopreneurs and coaches how to stop being the world's best-kept secret. Her mission is to help you: Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

  • Love this simple acronym Melissa, what an easy way to create all the content we need for our businesses. I never seem to run out of things to talk about, except when I need to post on social media! Glad to have BLAST to come back to you.

  • I absolutely love this!! Thank you for sharing, will definitely come back and use this to reference as I continue to write.

    • Oh, thank you for your kind words, Sarah! I’m loving this Ultimate Blog Challenge we’re participating in and finding it’s unlocked all sorts of great content for me to finally get written. So much content is being born this month!

  • What a great blog and super idea! Since I’m in the process of de-clutter my entire house, I can definitely do some behind the scenes topics! As for tips and advice, I love to share things that I think will help others, especially in blogging.

    • Martha, when you’re done de-cluttering your house, maybe you can start on mine! LOL. I’ve been trying to declutter my office this entire pandemic quarantine time and only made a tiny dent so far. A peek behind the scenes for your process would be a cool series for your blog!

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