Spilling the Secrets: How To Write With Enthusiasm

By Melissa Brown, MD

Henneke Duistermaat

One of my favorite bloggers, Henneke Duistermaat, has tapped a New York Times best-selling author to spill some insightful secrets about how to infuse enthusiasm into your content writing.

Are you curious about what it is that keeps people coming back and reading their favorite blogs week after week and month after month?  It’s as simple as thinking back to your favorite teachers in school:

“I imagine your favorite teachers were full of passion for their field. Their enthusiasm made their teaching sparkle, and it made you curious to learn more.”

How can you get that sparkle, too?  Read Henneke’s blog post about infusing your writing with enthusiasm here.

About the author

Dr. Melissa Brown's career journey has always had an element of teaching. After retirement from clinical pediatric practice, Dr. Brown has taught and mentored as a healthy lifestyle coach, author, and speaker. She currently teaches solopreneurs and coaches how to stop being the world's best-kept secret. Her mission is to help you: Create great content. Impact people. Change the world.

    • Thank you for sharing this curation, Kelly McCausey. I know we are both mutual fans of Henneke Duistermaat! Thanks for sharing this so more people can learn from her.

      And thank you for sharing your wisdom regarding curation as a topic. The internet is so vast and the more we can highlight the best of the best, people will save time when they can avoid heading down rabbit holes that lead nowhere! Thank you.

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